Precious Collective

“Jewellery that is precious” is often thought of as such due to a financial market value or a society’s norms. However, ‘precious’ can also depend upon personal taste and emotional attachment – Precious Collective.
Precious has evolved organically since November 2017 into a collective of over 390 makers from around the globe.
What binds Precious members together is their ambiguous relationship to notions of what “precious” is. Makers who wish to become part of this group either follow this line of thinking or work in ways that challenge traditional jewellery making through materials, techniques or concepts. Precious is ... A celebration of Art Jewellery; showcasing this art form to new audiences.
The building of a community through networking and creating dialogue between makers and countries. Support and sharing of ideas and knowledge. Offering opportunities to makers at all stages of a jewellery career and as a result, creating opportunities that may not normally be financially viable or even possible on a personal level.