Contemporary jewelrydesign is influenced by tradition while continually evolving. It belongs to the applied arts and is a self-reflexive practice in which one thinks about oneself and the situation in which it occurs. There is generally a critical or conscious relationship between contemporary jewelry designers and history and practice, as well as to the broader field of jewelry design and sustainable production.

Slovenian Jewelry Week  is dedicated to contemporary jewellery designers. Their ideas and thoughts. Their views and opinions. Their emotions that guide them. Inspirations they let themselves be inspired by the unique stories they tell without words. At SIJW, we are not focusing on those who wear jewelry but on the relationship that jewelry makers have with their work, with the past and the future, with themselves and with the world in which they live.

It is currently the only event in Slovenia that aims to promote contemporary jewelry design and its creators.
This is a sustainable and culturally educational event that combines exhibitions, courses, workshops, lectures, and guided tours.

The fascinating world of jewellery designers will intrigue you as you will discover, for example, who studied jewelry design in a Benedictine monastery, who began making jewelry in order to improve fine motor skills following a brain haemorrhage, or how silk cocoons can be used to make jewelry.

The creative theme is "Contemporary Alchemy - the art of transformation", divided in three parts:

1. Past

Cultural heritage and craftsmanship.

2. Present

Recycled materials and sustainable sources.

3. Future

Robotics, artificial intelligence and digitization.