This annual event presents and connects contemporary jewelry designers from Slovenia and around the world. SIJW collaborates with a variety of domestic and international institutions. It is a platform that encourages creativity, knowledge and innovation. It is a link between the past, the present and the future. It is a celebration of art, dedication and passion. It is a celebration of contemporary jewelry that reflects the creators' thoughts and ideas. It is a place where we can feel the designers' creative vision.

Slovenian Jewelry Week  is dedicated to contemporary jewellery designers. Their ideas and thoughts. Their views and opinions. Their emotions that guide them. Inspirations they let themselves be inspired by the unique stories they tell without words. At SIJW, we are not focusing on those who wear jewelry but on the relationship that jewelry makers have with their work, with the past and the future, with themselves and with the world in which they live.

It is currently the only event in Slovenia that aims to promote contemporary jewelry design and its creators.

This is a sustainable and culturally educational event that combines exhibitions, courses, workshops, lectures, and guided tours.

For SIJW 2024, theme SENSATIONS has been chosen.

When we communicate with jewelry through our senses, what are the sensations that we experience as a result?

Depending on how people interact with jewelry, they can experience a variety of sensations. These can include the weight of the jewelry on their skin, the texture of the materials used, the temperature of the metal, gemstones or other materials, and the way the jewelry moves or rests on the body. In addition to this, individuals may also experience emotions such as joy, confidence, and attachment to a particular piece of jewelry when wearing it or touching it. It may also be something completely different, such as disgust, fear, or some other strong emotions.

Cultural heritage and craftsmanship.
Recycled materials and sustainable sources.
Robotics, artificial intelligence and digitization.