The Plus One Collective

The Plus One Collective is an international exhibition focusing on vitreous enamels and the various techniques and ways in which enamels may be incorporated in jewellery. The first exhibition in 2020 at Romanian Jewellery Week began with a group of invited artists who were then asked to select another enamellist whom they admired to be their “plus one” in the exhibition. The result was an intimate collection of a variety of enamel techniques by artists ranging in age, experience, and geographical location.
Since 2020 the Collective has become an annual event, to which new artists are continually invited to be the “plus one” of the previous year’s invitee. In this way the Collective has begun to take on a life and history of its own. Each year a group of artists step down and a new group enters, offering participants two years of participation between being the invitee and being the inviter to the Collective. My hope is that this Collective will continue for many years, have artists participate from around the world and offer a brief telling of the story and history of enamel.
Curated by Jennifer Wells

Jennifer Wells