Lapidarium is a unique platform in Croatia, a gathering point of international and Croatian designers in their mission to create modern jewellery collections using both traditional and modern techniques and materials. Superior processing technology, sophisticated design and individualised style characterise every collection resulting from their jewellery making skills. Lapidarium has been present both in the national and international markets for a number of years now. They cooperate with renowned jewellery designers and have an adequate production potential. The cooperation with various authors is often spontaneous and rather natural than sterile.
Each author incorporates a part of his or her personalities and thoughts into their jewellery and hence such jewellery is not only a piece of a precious metal but the essence of emotions reflecting the author’s inner personality woven into each item. As the love cannot be produced but have to be found, the jewellery they create is likewise not just manufactured but they disclose a part of their soul through a piece of precious metal. To find a piece of jewellery that suits you best is not an easy task unless you use more senses and not only your vision but, through their website, they will try to bring you closer to what they are doing.