Since 2002, the kunst.wirt.schaft has devoted itself primarily to the art of jewellery. Our aim is to present current works by Austrian and international artists and to foster an environment in which jewellery becomes a more integral part of contemporary art. We serve this concept by developing and organizing four to six exhibitions a year at the kunst.wirt.schaft, with additional interventions / actions created for various other public spaces. It is also an important platform for young artists, offering graduates the opportunity to present their work within a professional setting. In addition to managing the gallery, our seven resident jewellery artists work on their own projects and commissions in the on-site atelier.
According to the title “Sensation“of this year SlJW exhibition, we decided to submit a selection of seven works. Some of them are made especially for the occasion, some others have been chosen because relevant with the topic. As artists of contemporary jewellery, we are all intrigued with the relations between body and objects, skin and metals, patterns and layers. Each work is a personal interpretation of what has moved and still touches our souls: emotions, reactions, confrontations during phases of our personal life and the world we live in. We have the longing to reach SIJW viewers through our works and share with them the perspectives of our collective.
We are seven women, coming from different countries (Iran, Italy and Austria) working since several years together in Graz. Our multi-cultural collective allows us to investigate and deal with current and critical issues.

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