Zidi Gong

The collection “Seeds Will Grow” delves into the growing rift between humans and their food sources amidst escalating industrialisation and the information era. Inspired by environmental ethics, the collection advocates for a biocentric view, asserting the intrinsic value of all life and promoting an egalitarian respect for all beings.

Zidi combines metals, biomaterials, and plant seeds using techniques such as metal weaving, folding and enamelling. Through these pieces, she aims to reignite the connection between humans and plant-based foods. Ultimately, Zidi sees her work as a means to inspire exploration into sustainable food futures, urging individuals to cultivate a symbiotic relationship with their food.

Zidi Gong utilises a diverse array of materials including jewellery, ceramics and glass to explore the relationship between human society and the natural world. Her work is inspired by daily life and the intricate dynamics between humans and nature, focusing on our roles within it and our impact on it. She believes in the power of traditional techniques in contemporary design, combined with new materials to push artistic boundaries. Her creations aim to engage viewers on an emotional level and stimulate “conscious awareness”, promoting a closer and more equal perspective towards nature. Zidi graduated from the BA Jewellery and Objects course at Birmingham City University and is currently studying for her Masters at the Royal College of Art in London.