Xiangzhi Zhao, Feifei Cheng

I got the inspiration for this set of rings from my dream when I suffered from a fever, where I was locked in a cube frame that kept shrinking in a pure white space. As the frame kept shrinking, my limbs could not be fully wrapped inside so that they were gradually squeezed and distorted out of the frame. I have tried hard to express this dream in various forms and I finally simplified the form into a sphere and a cube frame by referring to the shape of hypercube.

The three rings are made of silver, agate and Hetian jade respectively. Agate and Hetian jade are carved from one stone as a whole. Since it’s very hard to carve a sphere which can move within a very thin cube frame without any restrictions, we have tried at least 20 times before the final successful engraving. Moreover, this set of rings demands extremely high standards on raw materials and it’s necessary to find the right stones without any cracks, it’s very rare for gemstones generated in nature. We’ve tried many rough stones until we finally found the right pair with absolute pureness.

As an artistic team composed of one product designer and one jewelry designer, we have won the top award of product and jewelry design contest. Our business mainly focuses on the projects of Contemporary jewelry design.

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