Wiebke Pandikow

For ten years I have been working with plastic bags using heat and self-developed techniques to transform them. Now, in search of new ways for me to work with this modern and ambiguous material, I have turned to ancient techniques. Twining, looping and interlacing, basic motions to create fabric and baskets that can be found in the archaeological record all over the world, are what I apply to the bags now. Sitting down and using our hands to work fibres from our immediate natural environment is deeply human. Now, thousands of years later, the materials closest at hand have changed. I want to encourage people to see waste material differently, find possibilities and beauty in change, resilience and enjoyment in making do with what we can find close at hand.

Nine solo exhibitions in Finland and Estonia since 2015.

Since 2012, she has participated in more than 85 group exhibitions in Europe, Asia and South America.

2024: Past Present Future, Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre, Bury, UK
2022: Consume By, Museum Arnhem, NL
2020: The Contemporary Metal Art Biennial METALLOphone 5: Museum, Lithuanian National Museum, Vilnius, LT
2020: Contemporary Jewels Brazil – Finland; Polarities, A CASA Museu do Objeto Brasileiro, Sao Paulo, BR
2019: Northern Lights, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL
2018: European Prize for Applied Arts, Monumentality/Fragility, Art Museum Mons, BE, National Design and Craft Gallery and Kilkenny Castle, IE

Works in the collections of the Finnish State Art Commission and Museum Arnhem, NL, among others.