Vesna Jurjec Žvikart

Jam Session

Jam Session – an informal playing together of jazz musicians, without special preparation, with an emphasis on experimentation and improvisation. This art of transforming music inspired the Jam Session 1 necklace. Like virtuosos in an informal play together, not knowing what will emerge, I indulged myself in creating and arranging segments into a composition that could showcase the variety and evolution of a musical piece that is being worked on by virtuosos.
The necklace is divided in three segments. The mosaic amber on left represents a jazz band, the middle with wood, piece of discarded cymbal and silver represents instruments, and the right part represents the sound. The wooden piece (parquetry remains), set as a gem, represents the resonance box. Three silver bars are symbolically attached to the cymbal since it is the silver in the cymbal alloy that accentuates it’s sound. Circular patterns in silver and brass represent the visualization of tones of certain frequencies with cymatics (CymaScope).
The whole composition is dynamic and rising, evolving. And what would alchemy be without the use of at least a few chemicals? Thus, the etched text on the connecting plate: "Que, sera, sera, what will be, will be" wittily supports the main idea of the Jamm Session.

Vesna Jurjec Žvikart first started making jewellery on a metal sheet while she was still studying. At that time, she attended the workshops of Marija Radosavljević (wire, sheet metal, joining, stone setting, etching) and later Milica Bubanja (Art Clay Silver, enamelling). Vesna has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Design). She has also gained work experience in the fields of development, project management and implementation, modelling and planning, graphic design and photography. All the while she creates jewellery under the name Ventus juvel, which for her is the perfect balance between the clear, technical, planned and the multi-layered, imaginative and spontaneous. Currently, jewellery is made of brass, bronze, silver and copper, as well as semi-precious stones. In the last two years, she has also discovered wood as an interesting material; she and her husband, under the name Feya wood decor, create products to beautify everyday life and, of course, jewellery must also be made in this workshop. Wood impresses Vesna with its texture and easy workability.

She works as a freelance design entrepreneur and is an active-creative participant in the D.tajl Concept Store. In 2017, she collaborated with her two rings on Nuška Drašček's dress for her performance at the Ema Song Contest (Eurovision), in 2018 she led a fashion hologram project to launch new collections at D. tajl Concept Store, in the same year the design in Art Clay Silver was highlighted by Cooksongold (Design of the week) and recognised as a good example of the use of the technique with a unique way of embedding the stone. in 2021, on the proposal of KGLU, the D.tajl Creators' Association and D.tajl were awarded the Berneker Plaque for their many years of artistic and creative work and contribution to the cultural growth of the municipality. She also regularly exhibits her jewellery in the window of the fashion designer Stanka Blatnik.

FB: D.tajl, ventusjuvel
IG: d.tajlconceptstore, ventusjuvel