Vanja Čok

The inspiration for the collection comes from a five-step scale to assess customer satisfaction with a particular service. The faces illustrate a change in well-being. Feelings are difficult to measure because they change rapidly. In the context of the jewellery's contact with the wearer, the wearer can use the combination of pieces to communicate his or her mood to the outside world. The situation can also be reversed and the jewellery can be placed in the role of an independent entity that evaluates its wearer. The jewellery is made using 3D printing techniques in combination with metal connecting parts.

Vanja Čok graduated from the Industrial Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. She continued her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, where she obtained her PhD in 2015. She uses various manufacturing technologies in the creation of jewellery, including 3D modelling, digital sculpting and 3D printing in combination with various materials, which are intertwined with traditional manufacturing techniques.