Vadym Logvin

SUNRISE draws profound inspiration from the awakening of the sun. At sunrise, nature and humanity come alive, offering endless possibilities. This collection embodies the soulful essence of dawn, reflected in handcrafted discs featuring fused, fire-effect, textured, and gilded Keum boo. Inspired by Claude Monet's "Impression, Sunrise," each piece symbolizes the eternal renewal found in the dawn. It serves as a reminder of the inner glow within us all, capable of overcoming darkness and ushering in a new day filled with hope and vitality.

Being a designer and jeweller originally from Kyiv, he has been living and working in Bucharest (Romania) for the past 2 years. He entered the jewellery business 7 years ago from an unrelated field. He mastered the skill immediately at work without specialized education. Perseverance and curiosity led to research into ancient metalworking techniques and artistic experimentation. The ancient technique of gilding with gold leaf (better known as Korean Keum boo) became a recognizable element of his style.

He is the founder of family jewellery brand Logvin, which was featured on pages of Vogue, Mary Clair, Harper's Bazaar, and others. Vadym's works were presented at international exhibitions Romanian Jewellery Week, New York Jewellery Week, Gem Geneve and ILIAS LALAOUNIS JEWELRY MUSEUM. He cooperates and assists the Treasury of the National Historical Museum of Ukraine and runs workshops at the Contemporary jewellery school Assamblage (Bucharest, Romania).