Urška Sadar

Inspired by memory, the collection of crocheted jewellery represents a fusion of craftsmanship, emotion and touch. Handcrafted pieces are not merely ornaments, but become bearers of cherished moments, encapsulating the essence of memories in every loop. They tell stories, reflecting the complexity of experience. The airy texture of crocheted threads creates a gentle touch and the lightweight loops adapt to the body's warmth. It’s a subtle reminder that memories, like the threads, are woven into the fabric of our lives. The collection was designed without knowing what the end result would be. It started with a simple crocheted chain and the making process was intuitive, resulting in each piece of jewellery being unique. "In my collections, I express my passion for craftsmanship, developing the designs into wearable and contemporary pieces of jewellery, emphasising the importance of heritage."

urskas˙ is a jewellery brand and design studio under the creative direction of Urška Sadar, founded in London in 2019. Urška, an architect and designer by training, finds inspiration in architectural elements, nature and textile techniques. She is interested in the connection between contemporary and traditional techniques, exploring unpredictable forms and designing jewellery with added value. Her objects and jewellery are playful, designed to interact and evoke the senses and often incorporate sound and movement as part of the experience. Urška Sadar holds a Master's degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and a parallel degree in Textile and Clothing Design from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. After graduating, she moved to London where she worked in product and jewellery design and furthered her knowledge of jewellery making and design at the renowned Central Saint Martins. In addition to jewellery design, Urška is also involved in interior, furniture and product design.