Tina Amal


The collection of silver jewelry called LOVE is designed using four ellipses. These ellipses intertwine and connect. The intertwining of ellipses emphasizes the grandeur of the geometric elements, where the curves show their tenderness and softness. This interweaving within the design product creates a rhythm and dynamic that dictates the final shape of the heart. The central illustration of the letter U in the heart conveys a simple but sensual message 'I LOVE YOU.'

The collection is intended for romantic souls who love peace and enjoy the silence of the heart. The collection includes a ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet.

Tina Amal graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. After finishing her studies, she initially expressed her creative path as a video artist and creator of music videos. She presented her artworks at numerous Contemporary Art exhibitions and collaborated with various musicians. In addition, she was also engaged in painting and design all the time. Above all, she devoted herself to the design of jewelry, which she still designs today. Designing jewelry became her great passion, in which she found a way to fully express her primary feminine nature. Tina does not experience jewelry as a beautiful fashion accessory that should emphasize a woman's body, she experiences it as a part of herself. Through each design process she develops an aesthetic language in which she emphasizes functionality, elegance, and sustainability within each design object. For this reason, she chooses only precious metals for jewelry making, as metals are environmentally friendly and above all, has a positive effect on the body. Because she experiences her design as art, she does not create seasonal products. Her attention is focused on the development of her vision, through which she creates her style of elegance.