Tetyana Kalyuzhna

We change our appearance, shape, face, body and thoughts. We adapt by imitating our environment. Such camouflage leads to a reduction in the risk of survival of living organisms and to freedom in relationships between people. Mimicry inspired me to create a new jewellery collection. Jewellery also adapts to our self-expression and comes to life when we like it, attracting us with its shape, colour and creative design.
1. Ring MAKOVKA, silver-blackened cubic zirconia, white flock. The author's work is handmade using a flocator to convey a delicate image.
2. Ring MANTIS, silver, amber. Handmade using burnt patterns on amber and nano-resin in two colours.
3. Ring LIZARD, leaf shaped, silver, peridot, cubic zirconia. Handmade using nano-resin coating in two colours.

I am Tetyana Kalyuzhna, artist jeweller, expert gemmologist, member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1996. I create jewellery and art objects using my own design by using coal, salt crystals and precious stones. I have an education in the field of contemporary art of jewellery making and in the field of professional gemmology. Winner of more than 30 exhibitions in Ukraine and 12 exhibitions in different countries of the world. Awarded the Franz Bierbaum Order in 2016. I am a convinced naturalist and consider nature to be the best designer. I search for and apply the latest technologies and materials for the production of modern jewellery.

Facebook: tetyana.kalyuzhna
Instagram: tetyana_kalyuzhna