Stephie Morawetz

From my earliest memories, I've been haunted by a recurring nightmare – a world stripped of all its colours. It's not a mere black and white dream; rather, it's a realm where everything exists in pure white, distinguishable only by texture. I aim to share the sensation of losing and rediscovering colours. My pieces are kaleidoscopic patterns, made entirely in white. Yet, with a simple scan using your smartphone, an augmented reality video breathes vibrant colours back into these kaleidoscopes. It's a journey through the delicate balance between dreams and reality, where the virtual world meets the tangible, and where the colours, once lost, are brilliantly reborn.

Stephie Morawetz is an Austrian artist. Holding BA in millinery from the University Linz (2010) and BFA specialising in Gemstones and Jewellery from Trier University in Idar-Oberstein (2014). She pursued master's studies at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, Israel (2015–2017). Since 2015, she has been a member of the female jewellery collective "Astonish," which annually exhibits during the event Schmuck. In 2017, she founded the non-profit organization NOD – Not Only Decoration. She has exhibitions worldwide, including her debut at the Jewellery Museum Pforzheim, as one of the 5 best graduation works of 2015. Her work has been displayed at Gallery Ornamentum in New York. In 2022, she was a part of the "Mind of their own" exhibition at Museum Angerlehner and at Goldsmiths' House in Hanau. In 2023, her work is shown in multiple exhibitions: Budapest Jewellery Week, Austria, Philadelphia, Beijing, Porto and New York Jewellery Week.
IG: @stephiemorawetz