Sishi Wang

I create objects that reflect on elements from everyday life through hand fabrication. Since I have been away from home for years, everyday objects are the bridge that connects my motherland and my current place in the world: the past version of me and the current me. What we experience every day influences us in a myriad of ways. I hold these formative experiences dear because I value how they have shaped me. I celebrate what makes me different and know others will relate. My experiences in the United States and China inform my identity and are a central inspiration for my practice. I embed symbolism from Chinese culture and my understanding of the world in my work. My current goal is to tell my stories in a way so that viewers may find them more relatable. I want to continue to share part of me in the hope that viewers might find comfort and connection. I am trying to view my past experiences with contingency. And in turn, viewers are no longer solely reminiscing about feelings from the past – now they, too, are encouraged to imagine how they might change for the better in a brighter future.

Born and raised in China, Wang holds an MFA degree in Metalsmithing and jewellery design at Indiana University of Bloomington, Indiana, and a BFA from East Carolina University, North Carolina. Her work reflects elements from everyday life through traditional metalsmithing techniques. Wang exhibits nationally and internationally, and she is currently an artist in residence at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, Illinois.