Simona Malenšek

A necklace of intertwined turquoise beads with silver tube ends. The detachable pendant is a combination of patinated corrugated silver base and polished sliver wire, joined in the center by raw natural turquoise. It represents ecdysis.

Even as a child, I was fascinated by gold and silver jewelry, which is given as a gift during the most important moments in life. After finishing the jewelry school in Celje, in 1993, I acquired the first basics of jewelry making in Diana Stergar -Toplak's jewelry store, which led me into the world of jewelry design. The realization that in order to implement ideas, it is necessary to always improve, encouraged me to obtain a master's degree. Now, since 2012, I have been independently creating and continuing the craft of the oldest jewelry shop in Maribor, whose story was started by Emil Stergar in 1952. Creating jewelry is my passion, I am inspired by nature's creations, which always offer fascinating forms. The variety of colors of precious metals and the natural beauty of precious stones enable the harmony of ideas with practical value. Moments of life leave traces in the network of ideas for each of my unique jewelry pieces. Handmade jewelry is a story in itself, carries its own message and is unique.,