Sara Mermal

Each piece of jewellery in this collection represents a simplified ecosystem and has unique sensory accents. The enamelled pieces focus on vibrant colours and patterns, while the other pieces incorporate moving elements and a variety of textures. The collection so far includes pond ecosystems (necklace and brooch) and karst caves (brooch), images attached. For this year's jewellery week, I am working on a coral reef ecosystem, which will have a particularly appropriate visual sensory with its vibrant enamel colours. The necklace in question is still in progress, the main techniques are chiselling and enamelling. Its silver elements will be enamelled and it will also include real corals, shells and coloured stones.

I'm Sara Mermal, born in 1992, formally trained as a biologist and biotechnologist. I am a self-taught metal jewellery designer and maker since 2018. In May 2021 I became an apprentice at the Zlato runo (Golden Fleece) jewellery factory and in August of that year I founded my own business – Fairly Fairy. In September 2021 I completed a gemmological course at the Higher Technical School in Sežana, under the guidance of Miha Jeršek. In May 2022, I exhibited my jewellery at the MINFOS festival, an exhibition of contemporary jewellery designers, organised by Dalia Sega. In September 2022, I was awarded a state cash prize for women entrepreneurs, within the framework of the SPIRIT call for proposals. In May 2023, I participated in an exhibition in Radovljica, as part of the second Slovenian Jewellery Week.