Sara Mermal


Collection: Ecosystems

Simplified ecosystems in metal, gems and glass.

The pond

A necklace portraying a pond. Designed in Sterling silver, enameled with vivid colours, embellished with faceted citrine gemstones and tied together with apatite gemstone beads. The piece features 35 green enameled lotus leaves, two plain and two violet enameled lotus flowers with citrine centers, two enameled fish, one silver frog and one silver dragonfly. Said components are distributed into eight sections: five are connected with jump rings and form the frontal part of the necklace, two constitute a left and a right-side piece, one section forms a hook-based clasp. Blue apatite beads, traditionally knotted on a beading cord, represent water and connect the silver parts into a whole.

My name is Sara Mermal. Born to a chemist mother and a physicist father, I grew up being encouraged to observe and understand natural phenomena around me. This determined me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in biotechnology. While writing my master’s thesis, I started designing jewelry as a hobby. After 3 years of crafting mostly wire wrapped pieces, I got a chance to become an apprentice goldsmith under master goldsmith and silversmith Christoph Steidl Porenta. I am two years into my apprenticeship and in the meantime, I took part in two contemporaries jewelry exhibitions, completed a gemology course at VSŠ Sežana and opened my own business. Nowadays my previous studies inspire my aesthetic ones. I love to catch nature in my metalworks and give it a magical twist, bringing about my personal style: fairytale realism.
IG: @sara.mermal
TikTok: @itisfairlyfairy