Sandra Kocjančič in Marko Vivoda

Lime Months

The project called "Lime Months" is a collaboration between artist Sandra Kocjančič and Marko Vivoda. It is a version of Sandra's "Months" necklace series, which focuses on the innovative combination of design and electrochemical processes. The project involves submerging the necklace under the sea surface and feeding an electric current through it. This electric current stimulates the growth of limestone on the surface of the necklace. The necklace becomes a kind of medium that allows the limestone to grow randomly, which has a symbolic meaning of the coexistence of the artistic aspect with the scientific approach. The artistic in this project not only creates a visually appealing product, but also the idea of harmony between man and natural processes, which adds depth and meaning to the project.

Contemporary jewellery designer Sandra Kocjančič designs jewellery using a special technique that creates wire embroidery in silver, gold or copper, which is the designer's speciality. Her creations are inspired by nature and by creations made in collaboration with other inspiring artists.

Marko Vivoda is an artist, producer and researcher, active mainly as a curator of the IZIS Festival and artistic director of the HEKA laboratory under the auspices of the Pina Association. As an artist, he is active in the fields of art installations, conceptual design and mentoring. He is co-founder of the collective Stran 22, IZIS Festival and co-curator of the festival Light Guerrilla in Ljubljana 2020–2022. Today he is involved in research and development of biomaterials, focusing on the use of materials from the local environment and the reuse of waste for sustainable and innovative artistic productions.