Sandra Kocjančič


The necklaces’ entitled "MONTHS" are composed of different sets, each representing a specific day of the month. The rings are of different sizes, colours and changing other characteristics, even different materials.

One could say that it is a self-portrait of the day, reflecting the imprint that the day has made on our month, which is again part of something longer and bigger. Each market reflects different moods inside and outside our capacity to manage the passage of time. Nevertheless, the necklace is characteristically round (hence infinite?) and carries a message of passing, passing, endings and new beginnings. It is about life's transitions, linked to death and the birth of the new. The circle of a nature that knows how to die and be born again, with no market being insignificant or less worthy. Every winter is precious.

The necklaces, which represent the designer's daily imprint in the current year, meet different events and people from different professions who have influenced the designer in some way. That is why the designer enhances the exhibition of her necklaces with photographs and sound recordings of real individuals who have made their mark on her day of the month.

The necklaces, entitled Months, also include a giant necklace called Circle. The designer challenged her visual arts and design students to each create a circle using any technique they chose, representing a day, time period or cycle that has marked them in their lives. The linked circles from different artists formed a giant necklace that represented our connectedness and the power we have in coming together as a community. It is the power of joy, one of Europe's fundamental values.

Sandra Kocjančič is a designer from the Primorska region who has been working with a special jewelry design technique - crochet - for the last 24 years. She uses silver, gold, copper, precious and decorative stones, sometimes scrap and other materials, which are always a reflection of her inspiration and conceptual ideas. Her collections include necklaces, rings, bracelets, head jewellery, pieces or items of clothing. She has exhibited in renowned galleries in Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal and, until recently, in Ukraine. Sandra is also proud to collaborate with some fashion designers and stylists, using her jewelry to enhance their fashion creations. Whether embedded or sewn into an outfit, jewelry becomes an ornament in its new, related role.

In 2013, she opened her own gallery in Izola, DRAT, dedicated to original jewelry, where she exhibits her jewellery and hosts other original jewelry designers, artists, painters, poets, musicians from all over the world, always intertwining their stories with her jewelry. The high-profile FiloRosso competition, in collaboration with Italian curator Isabella Bembo, featured more than 80 designers from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Austria, Macedonia, the USA and Israel. The godmother of the Isola event was Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the renowned Spanish fashion designer who has taken the world by storm with her colourful and daring creations. Her presence is a special recognition for Sandra and a confirmation that Izola can also be an island of jewelry that resonates in the global art and fashion world.