Sanda Vidmar

The human fingerprint is used as the main element of the designed pieces. It is used to confirm our original identity, but at the same time, the touch of the pad is proof that the object we are admiring really exists. A step away from the conventional wearing of rings is the concept of thimbles, which adorn part of our most sensual tool – the finger pads. By touch we grasp jewellery in physical form, worn on the skin. The messaging of such an original part of the body is the inspiration behind the thimble collection, which celebrates fingerprints and the ability to experience and feel jewellery in the most authentic and sincere way.

I first encountered jewellery design in primary school, where I was introduced to shapes and the behaviour of form in space, using materials that were more readily available at the time. I first tried my hand at silver and metal design in a course taught by designer Olga Košica, and later further developed my skills under the mentorship of Martina Obid Mlakar. In 2020 I started to develop my collections and vision under the name Sanda Vidmar Jewellery. Since the very beginning I have been continuously upgrading my knowledge and discovering new techniques through courses, workshops and experiences. In 2023, I joined the collective to open my own jewellery studio and shop “Juvelirij”, together with a designer and a master jeweller, where every day is a versatile school.