Sanda Vidmar


The jewelry collection “Bloom” depicts a budding open flower, and artificial recycled polymer fibers are used as the most beautiful and blooming part of the interior. The symbiosis of artificial and natural is a wonderful new image that can only exist with respect and conscientious use of both parts.

Materials used: waste textile fiber from polyamide production, before melting and recycling process for reuse + recycled metal (silver or brass)

Sanda Vidmar Jewelry style combines contemporary and handmade, makes unordinary shapes wearable, and portrays actual, life-like natural forms in sterling silver. Every piece of jewelry has a story behind it and hopefully inspires women and men to trust and believe in their own voice and have the courage to follow their instincts. Collections are intended to stress the natural feminine beauty by complementing the overall look rather than taking all the attention. Most designs are known for their minimal and elegant forms, with attention to detail and comfortable fit. I strive to create jewelry that is visually recognizable and immediately starts a conversation about what it means and how it was made.
IG: sandavidmarjewelry