SPAM GLAM (Hannah Almond)

I have been making “wearables” from as far back as I can remember. Not always clearly labelled as jewellery but consistently colourful, entertaining and approachable. I don’t see the point in taking things too seriously, but am passionate about engaging in important conversations, using my creative practice as a vessel and often turning to humour as an entry point. In recent years I have adopted a charismatic and colourful alter-ego, Spam Glam. She helps me engage with more diverse audiences, on a level that suits both jewellery and non-jewellery folk, and has inspired my latest bodies of work.

How many ways can you think of making doughnuts? Buy them, bake them, or have a Donut Alien deliver them?

This goofy necklace is part of a collection of one of pieces, designed and made purely for entertainment. Each piece was born from a different silly conversation, had with one of my dearest creative friends. The collection is my way of bringing some light humour into a world full of intensity and pain.


MA Jewellery & Related Products, BCU (2019); BA(Hons) Contemporary Jewellery, UCA (2012).


2024: The Space Between – MJW24 (Munich, DE), Ferrous Festival (Hereford, UK)
2023: ADN / DNA – Alliages (Lille, FR), Espace Solidor (Cagnes, FR)
2023: Battle of the Pins – Alliages (Lille, FR), MJW23 (Munich, DE)
2023: Missing Memories – Alliages (Lille, FR), MJW23 (Munich, DE)
2022: Colourful Recovery – Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewellery (Ramat Hasharon, IL)
2021: Precious Collective Online Jewellery Week
2021: Radiant Pavilion Melbourne, online
2020: Painful Hope – Alliages (Lille, FR)
2019: MEGA with Dialogue Collective – MJW (Munich, DE), @Work Gallery (London, UK)
2019: Oscillations – MA degree show (Birmingham, UK), MJW (Munich, DE)
2018: Mutter Schmuckers – MJW (Munich, DE)
2016: JUNK Rubbish to Gold – Birmingham School of Jewellery (Birmingham, UK), MJW (Munich, DE)