SOFI -Sophie Bélanger

First of all, I need to tell you about my primary source of motivation and inspiration, so that you can fully understand the scope of my approach. Fifteen years ago, I gave birth to a boy named Léo. He suffers from a very rare, degenerative disease that has left him severely handicapped. As a result, he completely changed my life, as I was his daily caregiver.

My artistic research is essentially inspired by my personal perceptions and my feelings about the events I am confronted with in my life. Using humour, I encourage the viewer to reflect on our perception of life. By contrasting, juxtaposing and assembling coloured fibres, I create metaphors that contribute to the jewel's narrative. With wool fibre, I bring a comforting, soothing softness to the wearer.


1999–2001: D.E.C in fine crafts option jewellery, CÉGEP DE LIMOILOU, QUEBEC.

Jewellery Experience

2023: Member of Precious collective
2022: Member of Co-Adorn collective, Canada – jeweller
2015 to present: self-employed jeweller, Quebec
2016 to 2022: Jewellery school of Quebec – Member of the Board of Directors
2016 to present: Member of Filiere 11, Québec, Canada – collective jeweller


2024: Collective exhibition THE SPACE BETWEEN, Munich Jewellery Week (DE), Ferrous Festival (UK)
2023: Collective exhibition BOX UP! New York Jewellery Week (US), Québec city and Halifax (CA)
2022: Collective exhibition COLOR THEORY, New York Jewellery Week (US)
2022: Collective exhibition COLOR THEORY, Studio 21, Halifax (CA)
And more …