Romi Bukovec

I'm a designer of contemporary jewelry. A person who respects Life and Beauty in all shapes and manifestations. Purity and Simplicity of forms, which are in constant search for a play of light and balance, are my strongest guidelines. Feelings and communication, which have biggest impact on my inspiration, are brought to me by every day’s life and by simple objects with their unique stories. Jewelry is my mean to express myself and my inner world to the world that surrounds me. Every single piece contains a special part of me and my development and it has its own story and background. When a single piece is sent out of my world, it opens for new stories and emotions. Just like when the new life is born.

ROMI BUKOVEC was born in 1966 in Ljubljana. She studied the Slovene language and ethnography at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana.

Self-taught, she has obtained the knowledge necessary for her unique works from the masters of different professions, especially metallurgy. What is characteristic of her work is the use of different materials and techniques, traditional as well as completely self-created and experimental. The jewelry created by Romi Bukovec surpasses the classical concepts of adorning the body, as do the traditional materials of which it is made. Jewelry for her is not only a decoration or an accessory to enhance those parts of the body which are usually considered suitable for jewelry (head, neck, hands, fingers). Instead, her creations are an association of various materials to accompany the body as a whole. They are directed to the person, the inner self and reactions to contacts with the external world.