Rok Lesjak

The wire structure is embedded with semi-precious stones. The shapes are precise, almost filigree intertwined into the unique story of each product. The collection uses the oldest technique of jewelry making, which signifies the desire for decoration since prehistoric times.

Rok Lesjak (1988) comes from Maribor. In 2014, he graduated from the Higher School of Woodworking in Maribor, majoring in Material Design. Exploring different ways of creative expression is his constant. Five years ago, when he came into contact with wire, he immediately felt that it suited him as a material, so he began to explore the art of wire wrapping. The ancient technique fascinated and inspired him. His creations are a result of constant research, learning, and developing authorial approaches. The products are made from various copper and silver wire. He incorporates carefully selected semi-precious stones from around the world and other planets, combining them into interesting color combinations. He creates under the brand name Roxflow.