Roberto Zanon

Alpina ring

A corolla of artificial petals, scenographic and rotating, to be worn on the finger with audacity. An artifact that wishes to emanate positivity and in which the inclined position offers itself to those who want to admire it. Being made of porous cardboard, it also lends itself to being scented to complete the evocative effect of the flower it intends to emulate.

Lock bracelet

A forcibly asymmetrical shape broken into two distinct colours. An expedient that emphasises the construction method with the two parts interlocking with each other with two different possibilities. The result is an angular yet adaptable shape, which, thanks to its sophisticated, proportion-conscious geometry, renders a dynamic perceptual effect.

Scatolare necklace with enclosed Ettagono bracelet

A challenging necklace to wear due to its important shape, but absolutely wearable due to its lightness. A series of “openable” ring-modules alternate with closed ring-modules, generating the classic chain effect. The central pendant, with a heptagonal shape, can be "extrapolated" as an independent bracelet. An edgy artifact that conceals an accurate paper converting studio in its apparent formal simplicity. The assembly of all parts, partially modular, is dry without the use of glues, only with the use of folding and interlocking.

Roberto Zanon, PhD in design and architect, teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He has worked for many years with the jewel - with projects and writings - and has deepened his knowledge in goldsmith courses at the Pietro Selvatico State Institute of Art in Padua (It). His jewels have investigated a wide range of materials (from metals to plastics, from ceramics to glass) and have been published in many books and magazines. He won the Sciacca Award (2016) (It) with two gold and coral earrings and he exhibited his work at the Milan Triennale and the Vicenza Jewellery Museum (It). His Sette necklace, made by rubber and steel is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston (Us). Its mountable cardboard bracelet, Baubau was physically included in the book Carta Preziosa (Skira, 2018). Between 2021 and 2022 he held a personal exhibition of recent jewels at the Gorizia Fashion Museum. Since 2015 he has been a member of the jury of Jewellery Venice Design Week (VDW).

His current research, published in the book Jewellery and Concept (Cleup, 2021), experiments with the transition from a flat shape to a three-dimensional shape even with the use of unconventional materials.