Ramona Florina Popescu

A Japanese Zen Garden is a minimalist landscape consisting of natural elements that are meant to recreate the essence of nature, to evoke feelings of tranquillity, calmness and peace. Like little Zen Gardens, my rings consist of swirling patterns within different outlines, enriched with “rocks” or tiny grains of “sand”. While touching their textures in circular movements, you get the sensation of relaxation and it feels addictive. The principles of asymmetry, unconventionalism and stillness are met and the vivid colours make you return to reality not only calmer but more confident and bolder. I like to caption positive feelings and attitudes in my jewellery, to inspire and encourage the wearer to live life at its fullest.

With a degree in Economics and a PhD in management, I taught Economics for 15 years. From 2019, I started studying the art of jewellery with David Sandu and Andreia Gabriela Popescu as teachers at Assamblage, the Institute of Art and Design in Bucharest. Since 2021, I have exhibited at contemporary jewellery exhibitions both in the country (Romanian Jewellery Week 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) and abroad (1st Contemporary Jewellery Biennial Lisbon 2021, VI Muestra Orfebrería Contemporánea de Madrid 2022, Milano Jewellery Week 2022, VIII Muestra Orfebrería Contemporánea de Madrid 2024). The main inspiration for the jewelleries is the nature, with all its shapes and colours but I consider jewellery as a mean to expose ideas about human feelings. I use working methods and techniques such as construction and centrifugal casting, Keum boo and wire crocheting.