Pilar Viedma

With this collection I explore the relationship between shape and colour like Kandinsky´s theory, who suggested connection between basic shapes and primary colours. I use traditional jewellery techniques and spray resin as a support for the pigments that give colour to metal and then add information to the pieces. I show the blue concentrically, like a snail in its shell on the circle that is the mother of all shapes and causing it to become infinite like the sea if I paint the entire surface of the circle or moving away, making it deep if I only paint the edge. It becomes a pure and immaterial colour, evoking perfection, protection, and the infinite. For red I use the square that transmits strength, solidity, security and order that, together with the attributes of red, suggests a feeling of strength, energy, joy and triumph.

I have a bachelor's degree in pharmacy and doctorate in medicine. My relationship with jewellery began by chance. First, I worked self-taught and over time I studied at the Higher School Art and Design of Valencia (2018–2022), obtaining an extraordinary bachelor's degree award, and at the Alchimia School of Florence. In 2023 I won the Valencian Community Crafts Award and I was finalist in 2021, 2022. I was selected for the Enjoia´t Barcelona 2022 Awards. I have participated in jury-selected exhibitions in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Cagnes-Sur-Mer, Rome, Padua, Porto, Legnica, Budapest and Munich. I have pieces in a public collection in Museum Decorative Arts Madrid. I am member of Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo (AGC). Jewellery for me is a new way to express my feelings and develop my creativity, highlighting ability of contemporary jewellery to tell stories.