Petra Kocjančič

The ParquetOkras collection is made from the remnants of oak parquet flooring and expresses the warmth and character of wood in its purest form. Each piece carries not only an aesthetic value but also a story of renewable resources and sustainability. With every wear of ParquetOkras, the wearer exudes both his or her personal style and awareness of the importance of protecting our environment.

Petra Kocjančič completed her Master's degree at the Faculty of Design, where in 2019 she was elected Senior Lecturer in Design and Interior Design. She is a lecturer in the field of interior design and public space, a tutor for thesis projects, a member of the study committee, a member of the Eco-Committee, organises and manages the website of the Faculty of Design. She is the Head of the Academy for Lifelong Learning. Due to her work in a major Bureau of Architecture for many years she is experienced in the field of planning and design. She has worked on numerous projects in the field of interior design and architecture as well as visual communication.