Petra Bric


The " Ethereal " collection of brooches in silver, glass and semi-precious stones is made in the goldsmith's technique and includes original glass cabochons surrounded by semi-precious and precious stones.

Each brooch in this collection is designed to express the delicate beauty and ethereal elegance associated with the term "ethereal". Each piece displays a subtle interplay of silver, glass and sparkling stones, creating an intimate experience that appeals to sensuality and spirituality. Like a talisman, each piece of jewellery carries the symbolism of diamond, opal, labradorite, pearl, moldavite, citrine and moonstone, with the intention of evoking a sense of security, peace and beauty in life. The glass cabochons in which the silver is trapped are made in the Lampwork technique (a technique of shaping glass on an open flame).

Petra Bric was born in 1982. After graduating from the High School of Design and Photography, majoring in photography, she continued her career at the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts, majoring in digital media. She fell in love with glass in 2007 and started to gain knowledge abroad with different glass masters. Every year she visits the Murano Island, where the doors of the glass workshops are open to her. She is an active member of the Slovenian Glassmakers' Association, exhibits annually at the group glass exhibition at the Anina Gallery in Rogaška Slatina, and participates in various festivals, where she demonstrates a technique of shaped glass called Lampwork, with which she paints images using a torch with an open flame. The medium she uses is mainly Murano glass in various shades of colour and silver in which she reproduces her glass creations. She also incorporates carefully selected precious and semi-precious stones into her creations, which have always been part of her dream world. In 2021, the gallery at Podsreda Castle in the Kozjansko region invited her to a solo exhibition, where she exhibited her extensive oeuvre of glass creations entitled Nature in Glass.