Nika Stupica, Studio Kaolin

From teardrops to candy
This jewellery is part of my work with porcelain, essentially a side street full of interesting hidden corners. In miniature design I am also interested in surface, in texture. This time I used coloured porcelain, a play of tiny dots and lines covering the surface of each individual, hand-formed porcelain bead. The raw, unglazed surface of the beads reminds me of candy ice for confectionery decoration. The necklace is classically made where porcelain beads strung in a messy pattern. The whiteness, the translucency, the apparent fragility of the porcelain fascinates me. The tiny bells, glazed, smooth, made using a plaster mould, are part of this fascination. Arranged in bunches, they are the tears that ring at our ears at every step.

I graduated in ceramics at the Pedagogical Academy in Ljubljana. After my formal education, I attended many workshops in the field of ceramics, where I continued my in-depth learning. I have participated in numerous exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. Among others, I participated in the European Ceramic Context exhibition and in the artist in residence programme in Bornholm, Denmark, at the ceramics department of the Royal Danish Academy. I work mainly with porcelain, mostly utilitarian ceramics. I prefer to focus on the surface, not so much the form. I am interested in relief, texture, translucency ... and I draw inspiration from the world around me: nature, leaves, flowers, pebbles on the ground, twisted branches, an old crumbling building facade, different colours of the earth, an interesting fabric pattern ...

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