Nika Horvat

The porcelain jewellery collection, called Touch, stands out for its strong individuality and warmth. Each piece is created by hand with special attention to detail, highlighting the inimitable uniqueness of each piece. The cool feel of porcelain on the skin is gently intertwined with the sensations evoked by the textures of natural elements, preserving the subtleties of the overall design. It is an experience of touch that goes beyond visual beauty, emphasising the special bond between the wearer and the work of art.

Nika Horvat is a Master's student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, majoring in glass and ceramics design, where she focused on ceramic design, specifically ceramic jewellery. Her artistic work focuses on details, which she explores through the dynamic movement of form and the unique properties of the material. She often uses porcelain as her main medium, which allows her to interweave shadows and light through the translucency of the material, and through which her work shines through and is distinguished by its sophistication, aesthetics and subtlety. She draws inspiration from nature, where she is inspired by its beauty and the complexity of the natural, and seeks to relate this to the human experience. Her products are designed to create a harmonious bond between the wearer's body and the elements chosen, where jewellery becomes not only a decoration but also a means of expression and connection with nature.

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