Neža Žehelj

Hidden treasures collection

Hidden treasures concept is a contemporary jewelry collection, designed by Neža Žehelj, a jewelry designer and goldsmith. Jewelry pieces not only perform an aesthetic, but also a function and spiritual experience.

These jewelry items can be used as a hiding place for your special little things you consider unique (grain, little gemstone, written affirmation, whisper, phone number, drug, sand, hair etc.) and want to keep them invisible to the world around you. Each piece is personalized by adding your own mysterious content to it. This way, a symbolic personal amulet with a unique message and power is created.

Neža Žehelj is a jewelry designer and goldsmith. Her jewelry pieces interpret lost and found stories conceptually plugged into released jewelry collections and one of a kind wearable pieces of art. She has graduated at the Academy of fine arts in Venice, Italy, and was accepted to the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Goldsmith, Silversmith, jewelry design and Metal work department. Apprenticeship under Goldsmith master Christoph Steidl Porenta lasted three years. Her jewelry pieces were exhibited around Europe, at the International Contemporary Jewelry Fair Autor in Bucharest, group exhibition Collectiva in Portugal and esteemed gallery Slavih in Vienna. She lives and work in Ljubljana.