Neja Kaligaro

The ring features the inscriptions “love” on one side and “hope” on the other, ensuring the wearer carries both messages at all times. Inside the ring, the inscriptions are reversed, meaning when “love” is visible on the outside, “hope” leaves a convex impression on the inside, and vice versa. The inscriptions are designed in a convex manner, reminiscent of Braille on paper. Upon removing the ring, it leaves a temporary impression on the skin, reinforcing the essence of the concept: Love and hope may not be visible to the naked eye, but they are felt, always leaving a lasting impression behind.

Until July 2022, I worked as a senior jewellery designer in Zlatarna Celje d.o.o., the largest jewellery manufacturer in the area. Zlatarna has its own production and a strongly developed retail network. I relished working with the development and production team at Zlatarna Celje. However, a need for change and new challenges has surfaced. I went on a freelance path and got an opportunity to work with Holzkern. The process of designing sparks joy and gives me a sense of creative fulfilment, but this fantastic opportunity broadened my horizons and challenged me every day.