Nataša Druškovič


Wood has both, softness and solidity. It is a simple, natural material and allows for a variety of working techniques. Cutting, stripping and sanding are the basic techniques of the resulting three-dimensional organic forms. Handmade wood rings are an expression of the feelings conveyed between form, colour and structure.

Nataša Druškovič is a designer. She graduated from the Technical College of Drawing and Painting in Ljubljana. After graduating in painting, she initially worked as a teacher, and later as a draughtswoman of archaeological artefacts, which led to her interest in jewellery making. She complements her sculptural forms with textural subtleties in various techniques of working metal and other diverse materials. She creates jewellery that exudes a dialogue between the organic and the geometric, the robust and the smooth, between the archaic and the contemporary. Through design, she expresses her thoughts on the relationships between materials, shapes and structures. Her exploration of these is a reflection of her personal experiences, visions and knowledge, which are in close connection (or consequence) with her surroundings and the society which she lives in. She is a member of ZDSLU and the Fine Arts Society Kranj. She participates in various exhibitions at home and abroad.

When designing and making jewellery, I am driven by an endless desire to explore different techniques, materials and their properties. I make different pieces of jewellery: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches ... I make each piece of jewellery entirely by hand. Sometimes the form is deliberate, where I follow a set idea or concept, again other times it develops spontaneously, during the process of exploration itself. I am challenged by combinations of different materials, which give me the freedom to explore and express myself creatively.
IG: druskovicnatasa