Mojca Perše

Second Life of Film
The world is changing faster and faster and many of the things that have marked our lives are now disappearing. But we can reuse them.
Film as moving image, a fusion of tape and light.
Film as an illusion of space, of time, of the experience of emotions.
I capture and freeze feelings in a moment and in time. With the jewellery collection made of film and VHS tapes, I invite the wearer to enter "into the film" through the film tapes and records.
The film becomes a "moving image" again and the user becomes an actor or spectator. The play of light and shadows on the filmstrip conjures up that familiar magic of film scoring and film watching, because there is no film without it.
I invite you to STEP INTO THE FILM!

Mojca Perše, born in 1970, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in 1997. She is a full-time teacher at the Faculty of Design and also a Vice-Dean for Artistic Activities and Head of the Creative Industries Lab. She passes on her theoretical and practical knowledge to students in various subjects. She is a tutor of theses, conducts competitions, workshops, coordinates student internships and participates as a member of the study committee, as well as a member of the Eco-school and the international expert committee at the Wood Festival. As a researcher, she participates in scientific research work. She is involved in interior design and design. Photography and artistic expression are her passion, being also interested in creative approaches as it allows her to express herself artistically in different fields. She has had several solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.