Mojca Gazič

(Not) a drop in the ocean

The collection is part of the Rough stones for rough times project. After the tough times we experienced during the epidemic, it seems that the world is imposing more and more complex living conditions and challenges on us, which are sometimes very difficult to define. It is felt that the past logics of thinking are falling and the individual feels at times that he has no control over the course of events and that all the efforts for a better future are just a drop in the ocean. Yet without all the drops, there would be no ocean - every drop counts, we are all part of the whole. And we are all a whole.
Ring: 20 mm x 25 mm
(925 Silver, rough apatite, Swarovski CZ. Handmade, combined classic technique and sand casting).

Remember Lavanda

The collection is about a young woman who moves far away from home because of love, leaving behind a landscape filled with lavender scent. Like the amethyst, lavender-shaped jewelry is trapped in the form of an amulet that will protect their love and at the same time it will preserve her memories of home.
Ring: 20 mm x 25 mm
(925 Silver, amethyst. Handmade, combined classic and lost wax technique).
Earrings: 80 mm x 5 mm, can be worn in 3 ways: as back front earrings, asymmetric combination or simple studs.
(925 Silver, rough and faceted amethyst. Handmade, combined classic and lost wax technique).

After graduating in art pedagogy from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Ljubljana, Mojca Gazič enrolled in a master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana) where in 2012 she achieved a master’s degree in applied arts. She has been deeply involved in goldsmithing since 2016, when she first attended a goldsmith workshop in Padua. A year later, she enrolled for a month at the Metallo nobile goldsmith school in Florence, and shortly after she took part at some thematic workshops at the Alchimia school of contemporary jewelry (Florence). In this way the author is constantly improving her knowledge and mastering her skills. She makes handmade jewelry in her studio in Koper.

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