Militsa Milenkova

Inspired by medieval torture devices used for detention and control, the piece is a response to female oppression. It explores the complex relationships of gender roles and patriarchal systems. Intending to evoke feelings of discomfort, the artist uses her hair as the torturing component. Challenging the notion that although hair is assumed to be a sign of beauty, once detached from the body, it becomes unappealing. Once locked around the neck, the bearer can’t escape being tortured by the tickling hair and the feeling of aversion towards it. As soon as it is taken off, freedom is achieved.

Silversmithing & Jewellery, Glasgow School of Art.
HND Jewellery Design & Making, COGC.

Slovenian Jewellery Week, Salon Des Inclusions, GSA, Fluxus, Enya 2.0, Flos Collective, This jewellery is RMB100, Vonmo Gallery, Treasures of Gold and Silver Wire, GSWD, Re:Action, Budapest Jewellery Week, Remnants of a future unknown, Solo show, Plattform Schmuckkunst, The body remembers, The Starving Artist, Momentum, GSA, Family Jewels, GSA, Revolution, Snag Metalsmith, Touch, GSA, RJM, SGT, Student Medal Project, BAMS, Istanbul Jewellery Week, Romanian Jewellery Week, *miscellaneous, Six Foot Gallery.

Awards / residencies
Artist in Residence, Plattform Schhmuckkunst, Winner of Contemporary Cutlery Design Competition, The Cutlers Company, Sustainable Practices Award, Precious Metals Workshop.