Milica Bubanja

Childhood Memories is a collection that reminds me of searching for plants, drying them between the pages of books and making an herbarium. The warmth, the tenderness, the precise positioning of the plants, having tea while my grandmother sat at the table and knitted me a scarf. Moments that remind me of innocence, of love. The dendritic agates are small pictures of my memories, made so perfectly by nature.

I was born in Belgrade, when the Ex-YU rock scene was flourishing, an alternative way of thinking and living. I grew up between the Balkan metropolis, which was then the centre of culture and art, and a small sleepy town in Peru, bordering Ecuador, whose shores are washed by the Pacific Ocean. The magic of South America gave meaning to my European spirit and turned me into a kind of modern alchemist. I express this wonder, instilled deep in the core of my being, through my jewellery making and my first love – writing. In the process of making jewellery and the stories that follow, the primeval forest and the concrete breathe through my lungs in the same rhythm. I have learnt from the best jewellery makers in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany and adapted these skills to my own needs. Jewellery making has its heavenly and earthly dimensions, and the artist directs them with her skilful hand. Fortunately, the heavenly dimension has always been available to me. It whispered to me whenever I closed my eyes through poetry, mythology, symbols and alternative teachings. Sometimes my dreams are the inspiration for a unique piece of jewellery and the whole concept behind it. I am in love with forests, rivers and seas, birds and wildlife, which you can see in the organic textures and shapes I use. I also translate people's life stories into customised products. I invoke my celestial dimension and connect symbols, crystals and shapes to an ethereal canvas, turning such a piece of jewellery into a source of everyday magic.