Metka Mikuletič - Mimotho

Universumi - the universe is us.
The Universumi collection consists of handmade pieces of jewellery in silver and gold, also created through forging. Through the shapes, colours, stones and materials chosen, they evoke the universe, the stars, the galaxies, but they also represent us. People. With all our feelings. Different. Fragile. Playful. Sometimes delicate like a pearl, other times deeply penetrating, at times cold, grey. Just as metal germinates under the weight of pressure when it is forged, shaped and behaves differently under the fingers during the different stages of processing, so we too are transformed through life. In all forms, we remain deeply and inescapably connected to the source, not only as observers, but as an indispensable part of its fabric. We are the universe.

Metka Mikuletič is a Master of Architecture and a jewellery designer. After graduating from jewellery school, she embarked on her independent design career. Her work combines traditional goldsmithing techniques and heritage with advanced design approaches, creating a unique link between the past and the future. The artist works under the Mimotho jewellery brand, which is closely linked to architecture in concept, design and execution. Her first solo exhibition was presented at the Slovenian Jewellery Week (2022) and continued at the main event of the International Jewellery Week in Milan. Selected collections of her signature jewellery are also available in Paris and New York.