Marina Draženović

In the Divine Comedy (Dante), Lucifer stands at the very bottom of Hell, half of his body frozen in a lake. He had three heads and in the mouth of each he chewed one of the three biggest traitors. The first was Judas who betrayed Christ, and the other two were Cassius and Brutus, traitors to Julius Caesar. One head was black, the other was yellow, and the third head was red.
The work emphasizes the mysticism and symbolism of the number three, and on the ring made of copper and brass, 3 heads sticking out of the ice are symbolically depicted by making eyes.

Marina Draženović was born in 1960 in Sisak, Croatia. She has been designing and making jewellery since 2016, and in 2017 she attended an art and experimental workshop at the People's Open University in Zagreb with independent artist Davor Šuk. She exhibited at five solo and twelve group exhibitions: Milan Jewellery Week, Milan, 2022; Romanian Jewellery Week, Bucharest, 2022; ART-ECO – collective, thematic exhibition of ULUPUH members, Zagreb, 2022; Sky, thematic, selected exhibition of the members of the Section for Designing Precious Metals and Artistic Jewellery of ULUPUH, Zagreb, 2021; Dante 700 – Can things be good even in hell, Križevci City Museum in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, 2021 and Turin Fashion Week, Turin, 2020.