Marija Radosavljević

Melted emotions is jewellery collection that was created as a need to express the spectrum of different emotions that we go through after some emotional loss. Constantly questioning whether I could have done better, why I am doing it to myself and who I am, leads us to find answers and purpose. Even when we are absolutely aware of how things work, it takes time for emotions to be experienced, accepted and released. This happens because emotions are like invisible threads and it takes time for the threads to break. I tried to melt that essential palette of different emotions into metal and glass. Metal that is malleable and that reflects light very well, and glass that is transparently clean but also fragile. Together they are soluble at a high temperature and have an incredible power of transformation, just like our conscience, emotions and energy.

Marija Radosavljević graduated on Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2004. Today she works as a professor at Faculty of Digital Arts. Currently PHD student in Design New Media.
Participant of two international jewellery workshops: 2007 in Macedonia in cooperation with the Koblenz Chamber of Crafts from Germany, and 2011 in gold factory in Majdanpek. In 2018 and 2023, she went at the Contemporary Jewellery school "Alchimia" in Florence to learn new techniques. She was special awarded for her design earring at the International Exhibition of Miniatures. Her work has been published several times: Lost in Jewellery Roma (IT), Vicenza Jewellery magazine (IT), The Hedonist magazine (USA), The British Vogue (GB) and many more. Participating of many festivals such as Belgrade design week (RS) 2014, Design Festival "Dan D" (CRO) 2014, Creative Week in Maribor (SLO) 2016 and 2017, Artistico in Rovinj (CRO) 2019, and XV International Baltic Jewellery show "Amber Trip" 2018, Tiche synergia (IT), SIJW 2023 (SLO) and etc.

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