Maria Paltin

The Flow
Collection is about that feeling you get, after a rough period of time, the desire to move freely, effortlessly, lightly like the wind. It is an expression of being completely free.

This is a collection born from the need for space, freedom, and free movement. I needed the feeling given by a safe space, I needed to make sure that the expression of a free flow would be consistent with my feelings. The pieces I made show freedom and movement, rigid translucent porcelain coated with raw minerals is capable of appearing subtle and flowing.

I have always made jewellery. In my childhood I used to play with copper wire and small beads that I had stolen from my mom’s jewellery box. Later, after I graduated from the Ion Mincu architecture university, with the materials I had left from the layout, I started making with a dear friend plexiglass jewellery. That period of time was very important for my journey. I could apply the aesthetics learned in college so that I could enter the wonderful world of contemporary jewellery. Some years ago, I discovered porcelain, and it was almost an epiphany. The moment I touched the wet clay, I knew this was my journey. I like to seek inspiration in the animal and vegetable world, in the art of classic artists like Brancusi, Matisse … but sometimes events around us are an inspiration, the incredible courage that some people naturally have.