Maria Dima - Unde

Broken tradition. City Glass

The collection started last year, and it was inspired by tradition and old symbols. I first saw the signs in Virgil Vasilescu’s books about past civilizations’ symbols in our region, passed on through generations in various expressions: knitting, sewing, ceramics, wood working, etc, After that came the glass...the city glass, all the little, broken glass pieces that –for example- remain after an accident. Not at all precious, not at all wanted. I started collecting them and also thinking more and more about the glass buildings. If you look at a glass building, you will see yourself.

I started my journey as a jeweler around 4 years ago, after discovering my creativity during my acupuncture therapy and took the wax jewelry course at Assamblage Institute in Bucharest. After 2 years, I created the brand UNDE, a Romanian word game, meaning „where” and „frequencies” at the same time. As a personal aim I want people to see beauty in everything, to rediscover jewelry as a way to express and be in love with the Universe as it is, with life and death at the same time. That’s why my style is somehow medieval and a little witchy. I think this became my signature.