Maja Licul

The brooch for Greta was the first piece where it seemed more realistic to have some rubbish caught on the casting of the beautiful branch of the dogwood. Walking in nature, one can see how those get stuck to the branches by wind or water. They stick around for a while until they are blown away again. So, in this collection, too, we can stick trash to nature's pieces made of precious metals and coordinate them with our mood or the colour scale of the surroundings. The brooch for Greta is joined for the occasion by a necklace that can also withstand larger pieces of rubbish, such as nylon bags and the like, and a pair of earrings made from twigs of wood. It seems interesting how the collection, despite the derogatory meaning that garbage has, somehow have a certain aesthetic appeal.

I graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, in 1993. In the years during and just after my studies, I was part of Provokart, an activist art group that staged a number of daring actions: the Provokart newspaper, an aesthetic event for the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia involving Vaclav Havel, the “Vote for me / Love me” campaign during the first democratic election in the country, etc. Between 1995 and 2000, my field of interest was contemporary fine art. My works have been exhibited in the Vienna Secession exhibition space, the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, in Budapest, Weimar, Rome, Rijeka, and the Škuc Gallery and two editions of the U3 triennial in the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana. Since 2000, I have shifted my focus to contemporary jewellery and visual communications, designing books and corporate identities, among other things. In 2006, I collaborated on designing the national sides of Slovenian euro coins. From 2018, I run (with my partner Aleksandra Atanasovski) the EHO contemporary jewellery studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We organise exhibitions of our own work and the guest’s jewellery designers from Slovenia and abroad.
fb, insta: @Maja Licul