Maja Licul

I go as deep as I can into a relationship with the environment (preferably the forest) until it begins to reveal itself to me in its powerful beauty. Lately, this beauty is manifesting itself in numbers and geometry. My aim is to train myself to capture the content as deeply as possible, jewellery is just an attempt to materialise these experiences in the moment.

Maja Licul graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana, in 1993 in the class of Prof Metka Krašovec. In the years during and just after her studies, she was part of Provokart, an activist art group that staged a number of daring actions: the Provokart newspaper, an aesthetic event for the Presidency of the Republic of Slovenia involving Vaclav Havel, the ‘Vote for me / Love me’ campaign during the first democratic election in the country, etc. Between 1995 and 2000, Licul’s field of interest was contemporary fine art. Her works have been exhibited in the Vienna Secession exhibition space, the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, in Budapest, Weimar, Tallin, Rome, Rijeka, and the Škuc Gallery and two editions of the U3 triennial in the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana. Since 2000, she has shifted her focus to contemporary jewellery and visual communications, designing books and corporate identities, among other things. In 2006, she collaborated on designing the national sides of Slovenian euro coins.

Since 2018, In collaboration with Aleksandra Atanasovski, Maja Licul runs EHO, contemporary jewellery studio in Ljubljana.
IG: majalicul