Mahzad Morsali

My sterling silver jewellery collection, inspired by the masterpieces of Francis Bacon, is a testament to the fusion of artistry and meticulous craftsmanship. Born from the profound wellspring of inspiration found in Bacon's transcendent paintings, the collection reflects the inextricable bond between my soul and Bacon's disquieting visions. Crafted from sterling silver, each piece pays homage to Bacon's figures caught in perpetual struggle. The metal transforms under my hands, capturing the emotional intensity etched into Bacon's brush strokes. This collection invites beholders to delve into the intricate dance of contrasts defining Bacon's visual language, offering a profound narrative of the human experience.

In the world of artistry, I, Mahzad Morsali, proudly stand as an accomplished and versatile artist, demonstrating proficiency across various mediums. My transformative academic journey within Alzahra University's Arts and Crafts Department has honed my skills in painting, sculpture, and jewellery design to an extraordinary level. This mastery resonates deeply within my creations, garnering global acclaim through exhibitions. As an entrepreneur, I took a leap and create my brand, "Saint," a testament to my unwavering determination forged through overcoming significant adversities. My pieces transcend mere adornments; they are vessels of profound stories, emanating from personal experiences and transcending the limitations of the human figure. Beyond individual projects, my artistic path is adorned with rich collaborations with artists from diverse fields, expanding the horizons of my creativity. My commitment to this craft is evident in the passion and dedication poured into every project. My goal extends beyond the creation of art; it is a desire to share the deep well of inspiration that fuels my work with those who appreciate the intricate beauty of the human experience.

Life's symphony begins with tragedy, and in my art, I, Mahzad Morsali, delve into the intricate interplay of faith, lust, and retribution, ultimately seeking salvation through inner solitude. My creations, rooted in personal experiences, transform pain into something beautiful – a unique mindset of turning ugliness into beauty. Metaphors drawn from religious art and literature intertwine in my work, seeking asylum in faith and exemplifying my aesthetics. The creative process, akin to the transformative nature of "Fire and Metal," becomes a tool for constructing my own work of art. My metal ornaments, much like personal pain, undergo a metamorphosis from unattractive to luxurious, wearable, and beautiful, elevating the beauty of individual pain and the physical being. To me, jewellery completes a narration and lends weight to the ensemble. My pieces, inspired by narratives like Judith holding Holofernes's head, embody both positivity and darkness, weaving a complex story that resonates with the intricacies of the human experience.