Lodovica Fusco

Take back your body shaming! The only heavy thing is your prejudices!
These 3 brooches want to talk about a theme very dear to me which is that of the relationship that every person has with their body and how this relationship is often polluted by the judgment of others. These are silver pins that "welcome" biodegradable latex balloons through those who want to wear them. Each person relates to these in a first phase by inflating them and giving life to their shape and then wearing them to appreciate their lightness. They are brooches that talk about bodies by coming into contact with them. They are my way of affirming the social need for real and not superficial body positivity.

2008–2012: Faculty of Performing Arts at Trieste’s University, specializing in Theater Studies.
2010–2011: Course of Patternmaking Technology, Miniussi School, Trieste.
2011–2012: Dress Design course, Miniussi School, Trieste.
2016: practical course with the artisan jeweller Sossi, Trieste.
2020: 50-hour wax technique course with the artisan jeweller Fernando Betto, Oficine d’Arte scool, Padova.
2021: 50-hour goldsmith in-depth course with the artisan jeweller Fernando Betto, Oficine d' Arte, Padova.

Collettiva CONVIVIO 2015, TYPOS, Trieste
2016: BACK SHEEP, NJAL community
2017: Collettiva A.I. Studiò at AltaRoma Fashion Week
AUTOR fair, Bucarest
published on INTERNI magazine
2018: Collective exhibition WOMEN DESIGNER IN FVG, Udine
Collettiva No Matter Matters, Milan Design Week
published in Benchpeg magazine
Collettiva Walking Treasures III, ESH Gallery, Milan
2019: published in AF Magazine
Collettiva SHOWCASE ROMA, AltaRoma fashion week, Roma
Collettiva COLLECTIVA MEETING, Portugal
2020: Collettiva virtual Exhibition MASK, Alice Floriano gallery, Brasil
Collettiva Blogs And Crafts selection, Artigianato e Palazzo, Firenze
2021: Collettiva Exhibition INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP, VONMO STUDIO, Pechino
2022: klimt.02, member